More news from The Family / Sunset Sessions this Sunday, September 5th @ LANAI!

Ok, folks!  Good things behind us now and even better things on the horizon… 
The Family’s show at Encore was great – That space really is perfect for House Music!  The staff and management is super cool too.  Hopefully, we’ll do something there again soon.

And last Saturday with Wally Callerio at Encore was def one to remember!  Props go out to Rob Nelson
and the Capital Techno guys for putting another great event together.  These guys are super-talented and really hard workers, so they deserve all the success that’s coming their way.  Big ups to Wally Callerio for rockin’ it (of course) and Electric Avenue ATX gets due respect for setting it up!  Great night all around…

And now for this Sunday ~  SUNSET SESSIONS!!!  This really is one of my favorite parties of the year.  I know I’m  a bit biased because we’re helping to make it happen, but damn, the crowd that comes out for these shows is just soooo up for it!  Lots of diversity, with people coming from all over Texas and the U.S. and even Mexico (!!! ) for the holiday weekend...  Add to that Ilya Janos on percussion and Reverend Pain on saxophone, and the vibe is really “thick” and warm with the appeal of a real live performance.   This is our fourth episode of Sunset Sessions, and we are getting better and better at what we do, and promoting more and more for each show to ensure that we have enough of the RIGHT people.  And no, I’m not talking about pretty people, or people that dress a certain way, or mp3j’s or people that know so-and-so, or house music purists.  I’m talking about people who show up with a positive attitude and who are ready to relax and dance to quality- deep-jazzy-latin-soulful-techy-tribal DANCE MUSIC – No matter what you wanna call it, ya feel me?

So for this one, we know it’s hot out there, so we’re gonna to have all the industrial fans on and there will be plenty of breeze flowing through so you can enjoy the sunset with us on the rooftop.  Plus, we’re going the extra mile by bringing a shaved ice vendor along to serve their “snowies” (you can even have the bar make yours an adult sno cone ; )  And tons of drink specials til 8, including $2.50 beers, $3 frozen drinks , $4 sangrias and wells from 6 to 8.  Oh, and a full food menu til 10.  Doors open at 6 pm, so come early to relax and enjoy the beauty all around at Lanai - It really is a lovely little getaway in the heart of downtown Austin! 

Check the mix below for a little taste of what we do.  And see the flyer below for details.  Hope to see many of you there!  

Paco - "Live at Sunset Sessions" Labor Day 2009