New LIVE House Music Mix / HUMP! @ ND Saturday, Nov. 13

Well, I'm finally getting back into the groove after some time away for a fantastic wedding with Jenny, the love of my life, in Puerto Rico. Man, it was hard coming back to reality after being away for almost two weeks! I think we need to find a way to retire before turning 50 - Life on an island - snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and just lazing around is WAY too relaxing!

Anyways, life is all good here in Austin, and as usual, there are plenty of fun things happenin'... The Sunset Sessions show at Lanai on Labor Day Sunday was a major success - Much thanks to all who came out and made it happen! Such beautiful people, there strictly for the music and the positive vibes, all the right reasons! Can't wait to do it again soon. By the way, here are two great live sets from the night to give a feel for the deep-jazzy-soulful-tech house sounds that we love to play at Lanai. I hope ya dig it...

Paco - Live @ Sunset Sessions Labor Day 2010

Brotha Jibril - Live @ Sunset Sessions Labor Day 2010

More House Music news to come soon. But first, it's time to get Back to Our Roots ; ) HUMP! has been goin' 5 years strong now, and it's really evolved and matured over the years... We started it @ Plush and spent 3 1/2 years there - first monthly, then weekly - with our peeps, but as of late we've returned the focus to quality rather than quantity. And our friends and fans have been fully supportive of the change. So, our last show was @ ND in May, and we all loved it so much we've decided to finally return! For those that haven't been to ND @ 501 Studios(formerly the Independent), this space is perfectly laid out for HUMP! with plenty of room for dancing, plus a proper stage for the DJs and musicians, and a 50 foot video screen that is perfect for showing off all of our favorite classic funk and disco album covers... And the room has a lot of dimension that really shows off the disco balls and swirling laser light effects that bring the whole classic nightclub HUMP! vibe together. Come join us on the 13th @ ND for a damn funky, love dance party - I promise you won't regret it.