Tonight in Austin - Plenty of funk, soul, disco and boogie business!

What's goin' on, people! In spite of the relentless summer heat here in Austin, TX, there are plenty of great funky dance events goin' on tonight! Here's a quick rundown of a few that we'll be checking out tonight. Thanks to all the DJs, promoters, dancers, and supporters that make it happen!

First up, two great funky shows tonight in East Austin. At the Gypsy Lounge, Soul of the Boot and Strangetribe (two crews who always do it right with their Night Fever event series and other collaborationss) host local latin funk heroes Los Bandidos Cosmicos (DJ Manny w/ Claude 9) along with Washington DC-based producer, DJ, percussionist, party rocker and man of many other hats Rex Riddem. Check the event details here.

Also on Austin's east side, Adam Warped and Co. are hosting "Love Drug, A Vinyl Disco Party" once again. I haven't had a chance to make it out for this one yet, but the resident DJs Adam Warped, Davey Schacherl (formerly Richard Gear) and Supafly know their funk, soul and disco classics as well as anyone in town, so there's no doubt the music will be right and the dancefloor will be bumpin. Plus, my HUMP! Family brother DJ Resinthol is the special guest for tonight, so the disco love vibe is further guaranteed ; ) Find more details and become a fan of Love Drug here.

Finally, much props is due to Jonny Whutnot for breaking into Austin so fully and completely after moving here just a few years ago from Minneapolis. Jonathan has joined forces with Daetron Vargas and the other great folks from Loft 718 for their monthly funk, disco, hip hop, breaks and boogie night Can't Stop the Funk. This time, there's a full roster of funky vinyl addicts, including one of my favorites DJ Millhouse, plus Danbone, MC Macheti Mike and of course, DJ Whutnot.

I know there's plenty more great stuff goin' down, but that's all we're gonna make it to tonight. Hope everyone has a fun and safe night!

ps For those of you looking to get in the mood for all the funky disco parties tonight, here is a classic funk and deep disco mix I did a couple of years ago, heavily influenced by Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage. All vinyl with tracks from artists such as Lace, Imagination, Martin Circus, Idris Muhammad, Slave, Clyde Alexander, etc. Stream or download at the link below...

"Paco - Fever"

1) Imagination – So Good, So Right (Larry Levan dub)
2) Unlimited Touch – Searchin'
3) Gayle Adams - Love Fever
4) Lace - Can't Play Around (dub)
5) Montana Sextet – Heavy Vibes
6) Slave – Just a Touch of Love (Paul Simpson remix)
7) Goody Goody – It Looks Like Love
8) Eddy Grant – Time Warp
9) Azoto – San Salvador (dub)
10) Clyde Alexander – Got to Get Your Love
11) Tamiko Jones – Can't Live Without Your Love
12) Martin Circus – Disco Circus
13) Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Eve

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