Sunset Sessions with Master Kev

The long-awaited return of Sunset Sessions is finally coming ~ Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 4th from 6pm - 2 am. Sunset Sessions is the ONE and ONLY deep and soulful House Music party in Austin, TX, and undoubtedly one of the best in Texas. Nothing but feel-good vibes - Come join the fun...

And on top of the usual festivities and quality local and regional residents, this Labor Day weekend, we are very proud to announce that we will be hosting Master Kev from New York City! Master Kev is our third big guest for Sunset Sessions, preceded by Lars Behrenroth during SXSW 2010 and Julius Papp during SXSW 2011. He's been in the game a long time and is one of the most energetic performers in the world. Kev's worked with many of the greats, including Little Louie Vega, Timmy Regisford and Tony Humphries, and played some of the best deep house nights and clubs worldwide, including Shelter (NYC), Deep (LA), The End Up (San Francisco) and Djoon (Paris). Seeing him perform live is an experience not soon forgotten - just come and you'll see! Along with frequent parter Tony Loreto (together making up MKTL, frequently seen on deep house charts worldwide), Kev has numerous original productions and remixes on classic and deep house labels such as Defected, Yellorange, Underground Collective, Soul Heaven, Vega and Code Red. Check the links and bio under the flyer images below for more about Master Kev.

Labor Day Weekend 2011!
Sunday, September 4th from 6pm to 2am
@ Lanai Rooftop Lounge, 422 Congress, ATX

w/ special guest
Master Kev
(MKTL, Underground Collective, Defected, Yellorange, Underground Collective, Soul Heaven, Vega, Code Red Recordings - NYC)

Plus Sunset Sessions Resident DJs:
Paco (The Family, HUMP!)
Tarek (Licksamba Music)
Brotha Jibril (Ritual Music, Soular Grooves, Houston)

And live musicians:
Ilya Janos (percussion, Houston)
Ephraim Owens (trumpet -






Live during his Japan tour @ Better Days

Master Kev @ La Santanera for Mi Casa 2010 Playa Del Carmen 10/9/10

Master Kev’s victory in a mix-off contest in the 1990’s proved that the years of obsessing over the mixes of Timmy Regisford, Tony Humphries and others on radio and in clubs, studying underground dance and beat syncopation and accumulating a killer collection of records finally paid off . And as the number of shows soared, so did Kev’s talent. Soon after, hero Tony Humphries called Kev to ask him to join forces with him on his Yellorange Label. His answer? A triumphant ‘Hell Yeah’..
After spinning in his first WMC in the year 2000 and embarking on several trips to Europe , Asia and beyond, with Tony Humphries and even solo, his DJ career was officially on the rise. Playing with some of the most prominent clubs in major cities all over the world and playing alongside some of the prominent names in the industry including Louie Vega, Timmy Regisford, David Morales, Danny Krivit, Kerri Chandler and so many more. Also, in 2000 Kev along with founder Marlon D and others helped form the Underground Collective - a collection of DJ’s, performers, musicians..etc created to draw exposure in the dance music industry to major labels and beyond.

While working with Tony Humphries at Yellorange from 1999 - 2004, Kev had many ‘Net Shows’ on the site along with Tony Humphries and the other Yellorange DJ’s that were updated once a month. Then in 2004, Kev started a weekly radio show on CyberJamz Radio ( The show has grown more and more each year, with many producers giving Kev the upfront heat and unreleased jams. Also, many labels send Kev promo’s in hopes that those tracks/songs will be played on his very highly listened to radio show. With the amount of weekly hits in the archives it was no wonder they would think of Kev to help promote the new music.These days u can find the Master Kev 'Sessions' shows or his podcasts on Podomatic ( ) which are updated frequently.

In 2006 Kev partnered up with long time friend and former Yellorange/Underground Collective DJ partner David ‘Vibes’ Tobon and keyboard wizard John Crockett to form MKDV. They produced their first track together titled ‘Twisted’ which gained a lot of early support from the biggest names in the dance music industry and was a very popular release on the Code Red & Defected labels. They also worked on original tracks for Tony Records and remixes for Louie Vega’s imprint Vega Records remixing Sara Devine’s ‘Special’ as well as remixes for Mel Cheren’s and Kevin Hedge’s (Blaze) West End Records. In 2007 Kev partnered up with good friend Scott Wozniak to produce more tracks for Code Red & Defected titled ‘String Thing’ and ‘Uncooked’ .. ‘String Thing’ became the number 1 download on Defected’s website for weeks .. They also did some remixes on Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ and Joe Cocker’s ‘You Are So Beautiful’ (high in demand since the 2007 WMC) which were never released to this date. Later that year Kev also partnered up with Abicah Soul and worked on original tracks and remixes as well. One of those tracks ‘Kora’ was released on Iwanni Records from Toronto.

With an abundance of traveling and playing in major clubs as well as major clubs back home in NYC such as Cielo, Santos, Sullivan and the frequently updated podcast shows on Podomatic, Kev is once again back in the studio this time with very talented Tony Loreto from Italy. They have been working together a lot throughout 2009. They have done remixes for Tortured Soul ,Arnold Jarvis, Kenny Bobien, Peven Everett, Underground Collective,Michelle Weeks, Boddhi Satva's Offering Label, DJ Spen's 'Code Red' label and many others as well.

Master Kev & Tony Loreto have done a few boots as well including the remix of 'Wicked Game' Chris Isaac (fully supported by Danny Krivit and Francois K) , Leela James, Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' .. Nina Simone's 'I Put A Spell On You' and probably their biggest yet for Radiohead 'Creep' which has made very big noise worldwide from some of the greats such as Louie Vega, Dennis Ferrer , Marques Wyatt and more. Stay tuned for much more to come!
And these days Kev and longtime friend Marlon D are back in the swing of doing Underground Collective parties in Colombia and worldwide.. Stay tuned :):)


Wild Kingdom - MKTL (soon to be released on Gotsoul )
Testify w/Johnny Dangerous (forthcoming)
As yet Untitled (with Chris IDH)
Twisted - Code Red/Defected Records
Hysteria - Code Red/Defected Records
656 Forever - Tony Records
String Thing (with Scott Wozniak ) - Code Red /Defected Records
Kora - Iwanni
Our Poem (remake of Bobby Konders ‘The Poem’ ) - unreleased
Uncooked (with Scott Wozniak ) - unreleased


Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
Creep - Radiohead (with Tony Loreto) - White
Another Lover - Tortured Soul - TSTC
Wake Up- Arnold Jarvis - Soul Heaven
Velvet Touch - Jerkhouse featuring Niles Thomas (soon to be released on Stalwart)
Slam Me Baby - Alexis P Sutter
Juju- Black Coffee
You In Mind - Polyrhythm (Offering Records)
I Put A Spell On You - Nina Simone
Strong Man - David Sabat
Music In My Head - Angel A
How Bad I Want You- Peven Everett
Pyramids - William Scott - Spirit Sound
I Shall Not Be Moved - Kenny Bobien (forthcoming)
Animal - Gretchen Rhodes - forthcoming
Underground Collective Anthem - Marlon D (forthcoming on
Underground Collective Recordings)
Our Folklore - Kalero (forthcoming on Underground Collective Recordings)
I Am Forgiven - Inaya Day (w/Tony Loreto) - forthcoming
Don't Be Afraid - Kenny Bobien - forthcoming on Tribe
Shine On - Renee Smith - Code Red
Carib’s Leap (MKDV/John Crockett RMX) - West End Records
Special - Sara Devine - Vega Records
The Rhythm (with Scott Wozniak ) - David Harness - Thread Recordings
My Cherie Amour (with Scott Wozniak) - Stevie Wonder - White Label
You Are So Beautiful (with Scott Wozniak) - Joe Cocker - White
Wicked Game (with Tony Loreto) - Chris Isaak - White
Nuwamba - ‘Heaven’ (Abicah Soul, Master Kev & Tony Loreto Unreleased RMX) - City Deep 2008
Send For Me (with Tony Loreto )- Atlantic Starr - Downtown 161

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