The Deep House Family Mix Page

Surprisingly, there aren't many resources online strictly for sharing and listening to deep house mixes from a variety of DJs, so I created a new page STRICTLY FOR THE LOVE OF DEEP HOUSE. Jump on and share your favorite deep house mixes, or just scroll down the page and hit play for countless hours of quality deep house music. Feel free to tell your friends about the page too. : )

Deep House Family Mix Page

A few quick rules of conduct to keep the page focused and relevant:

1) Note that the page is called the DEEP HOUSE Family Mix Page. Feel free to share your favorite deep house mixes, classic and new. Share your own mixes or favorites from others. Please do not post electro, progressive, commercial, dubstep, etc. Nothing against other styles of music, but this will help this page to remain on-topic and relevant to those who are using it.

3) Please do NOT post single tracks or YouTube videos, etc. There are already plenty of other venues for this on facebook.

3) Please do not post events. Again, there are other venues for promoting your events.


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