New mix now online - "Family Vibes" September 2011

A few days ago, I finally had some time to work on a new mix, and I'm thrilled to share this one with all of you. It's a bit more techy and groovy than some of the past episodes of Family Vibes, with several classics in the mix for good measure. ; ) Tracklisting and comments below. Enjoy.

By the way, you can also check out this mix and pleny others on my Soundcloud page. I'll be uploading it on my podomatic page later today too...

Paco - "Family Vibes" September 2011

1) Don Carlos - I Can Love Nobody
Deep classic vibes from Don Carlos (2002)
2) Chez Damier - Never Knew Love (Change Up Mix)
Chicago classic from 1992 on vinyl - Thanks to Leonard Trujillo for reminding me of this one!
3) Delano Smith - Change is Coming
New Detroit vibes from Delano Smith
4) Christo - The Trust is Gone (Christo's Re-Rub)
More Detroit flavor, but this one is actually out of South Africa, on Atjazz's label
5) Artist and title coming soon
I hate it when I can't find a track I just played. Help me ID this one!
6) Ryo Murakami - Just For This (The Revenge Remix)
I can't get enough of this slow burner from a couple years ago. This track usually rides at about 115 bpm, but it's pitched up a bit here.
7) Random Factor - Convergence (Ame remix)
Another vinyl tech classic I just dug out of the crates, produced in 2004. This could have easily been produced this year.
8) Domu - Raw Baby
The basslines and atmospheric effects on this are unreal! Domu is one of a kind, no doubt.
9) The Timewriter - Dimensiones Imposibles (Pezzner Remix)
Many of Pezzner's tracks have that dirty tech funk feel that fits perfectly into a deep house set. Tracks like this are great for unexpected transitions, or what I like to call drama ; )
10) The Invisible People - Love Beats (Tropical Mix)
A hidden vinyl gem from back in 1992. House music has come so far in many ways, but tracks like this were waaaay ahead of their time.
11) Pimp Mobile - Pimp Mobile (Gianluca Pighi Appetizer Mix)
This one really brings a bit of a heavier, clubby vibe that's perfectly balanced by the unexpected piano riff. Future classic!
12) Kay Suzuki - Music (Atjazz Remix)
I'm a shameless fan of Atjazz. I like almost everything he does, so I have to try to stick to just my favorites. Deep, dirty and tribal, this one exceeds all expectations.
13) White - White
This unlabeled piece of vinyl is really simple and tracky, but has all right raw elements for building the energy in an understated way. From the B-Side of an afro-beat track I sometimes play at HUMP's afro-disco nights.
14) Global Niche Movement & David Sabat - Strong Man (Master Kev & Tony Loreto - MKTL Remix)
One of my favorite mixes by our recent guest Master Kev and his production partner Tony Loreto. Dark and soulful, what a great combination!
15) DJ Meme Orchestra feat. Tracey K - Love Is You (Quentin Harris Lovely Dub)
Continuing with the deep, dark and soulful vibes to keep elevating the energy. It's good to see that Quentin Harris isn't letting up!
16) Supernova - Marana
A raw dancefloor track to close out this unique episode of Family Vibes. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed it!

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